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Size and Infrastructure

Population (2010 Census): 86,074

Area ( Square Miles): 670

County Road Mileage: 525 miles

County Bridges: 407


Miscellaneous Facts

Muskingum County has 25 townships. (Click here to view township elected officials)

Muskingum County has the largest township in the State of Ohio (Newton Township)

Muskingum County has the smallest township in the State of Ohio (Jefferson Township)

Highest Point in County = 1288.20 ft: Tower Rd, Meigs Twp, 850 ft NE of Big Muskie Dr

Lowest Point in County = 665.10 ft: South River Rd, Blue Rock Twp, 350 ft S of Shaver Rd

Who Maintains My Road?

     Over the years, it has been a little confusing for the general public to clearly identify which roads are maintained by the responsible government agency.  In other words, the question always posed is, “Who takes care of my road”?  Is it the county, township, city, village, or state that clears the snow and ice, mows the grass, paves the surface, spreads stone, grades the road, installs signs, replaces culverts, digs ditches, etc.?  In an attempt to clarify this jurisdictional issue, it is important to understand the different levels of government that maintain highways within the county.        

     First of all, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) maintains all 267 miles of state routes outside of municipal corporations (i.e. cities and villages), as well as Interstate 70.  ODOT should be contacted with any highway concerns on state routes or interstate highways.  Second, the 525 miles of county roads are maintained by the Muskingum County Engineer’s Office (MCEO) and Highway Department under the direction of the county engineer.  The MCEO can be contacted with any road maintenance issues on county roads.  Third, the 711 miles of township roads are maintained and under the jurisdiction of the board of trustees within each township.  The county currently has 25 townships that are governed by an elected three-member board of trustees, which are responsible for the roads within their township borders.  Township trustees should be contacted with any road related concerns on township roads.  Finally, any municipal roads within corporation boundaries are maintained by the corresponding city or village.  Municipalities include the City of Zanesville or any of the villages within the county, such as Frazeysburg, Dresden, Adamsville, New Concord, Norwich, South Zanesville, Fultonham, Roseville, and Philo.  City or village officials are in charge of maintaining the roads that exist within their corporation boundaries and should be contacted with any questions regarding these streets.

     After gaining an understanding of the various players in the road maintenance game, the next important piece of information for citizens is identifying whether the road in question is a county, township, city, village, or state road.  Our office is pleased to assist with this task by fielding telephone calls and by providing Muskingum County maps that display proper labeling of the roads within the county. 

Please contact our office if you need help in determining who maintains your road.  The MCEO can be reached at (740) 454-0155.